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Tips on How to Choose and Use High-Quality Paints

If you’re repainting your room, renovating your property or soon to be building your new home, then choosing the right paint can be both exciting and daunting.

Tips on How to Choose and Use High-Quality Paints

With the many different types of paints in the market, knowing which one is the right for your paint project is overwhelming. So, here we’ll show the different type of paints and where and when you have to use them.




Primer first!


Technically, primer is not a paint but it’s a necessary part of any painting project. This is the first thing to be applied on the surface that’ll be painted. It helps condition the surface to ensure the paint will stick properly to the wall.


However, one primer does not apply to all surfaces. You need to select the correct primer for the selected surface and area. For example, bare plasterboard needs a sealer compared to a previously painted surface that requires undercoat.


There are different primer you can choose from, these are:


  • Oil-based – commonly used for timber and wood; can also work for steel; takes a long time to dry


  • Shellac – perfect for stained surfaces to seal odours; can also work for plaster, wood, metal, and plastic; quick to dry


  • Latex-based – water-based primer commonly used for unfinished drywall and wood; can also perform well for concrete, soft-wood, and galvanized metal;


Selecting the right primer for your painting project is just as important as getting the right paint. This may overwhelm you as well. To avoid spending on the wrong primer, call a professional painter to assist you.


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How to choose and use high-quality paints


Due to the improvements today, oil-based, water-based, and latex-based paints are applicable for both interior and exterior painting. However, they still have differences and accurate use.


The key difference you need to take note of is that water-based paints are easy to work on, dry quickly, and offer more colours that usually come out in matte. While oil-based paints are more durable but longer to dry and has a bright glossy finish.


To learn more about the different paints and their properties, read on below.


Oil-based paint (Enamel)


Oil-based paints are durable and tough yet longer to dry. Cleaning this type of paint requires turpentine or paint thinner. So, using this paint will need a careful application to ensure there’ll be no marks left and the paint is even.


This is also less expensive compared to other paints. It’s good for trim works that take more beating than walls.


Water-based paint (Latex)


If you’re opting for a do-it-yourself paint project, then you may choose water-based paint as it’s easy to work with. Water-based paints can retain a smooth and uniform appearance that is perfect for general walls and ceilings. Other benefits of this paint are you have the option of low VOC emissions, improved adhesion, performance, and an option for mould and mildew resistance.


Interior and exterior house paint


Paint tins are typically labelled as interior or exterior paints. When choosing the right paint for your project, make sure to look for this label.

Acrylic paint


Acrylic paint is known to be one of the finest water-based paint because of its high water resistance. That’s why it’s perfect for areas like kitchens, laundry, and bathrooms. It can stand steam and condensation, thus, it is less likely to  turn yellow over time.


2: Last thoughts…


The type of paint you’ll choose for your project will still depend on your choice. However, make sure to consider all the important aspects of the surface and area you’ll work on. To get the correct paint, you may want to consider the following:


  • Temperature
  • Tone
  • Hue
  • Lighting


Different areas and surfaces will require different types of paint. For example, a water-resistant type of paint will best suit in wet areas with high humidity and the possibility of mould growth. So, for areas like bathroom, kitchen, and laundry, water-based paint will be your best choice.


All paint brands provide different properties when it comes to warranted washability, longevity, and the ability to withstand varying weather conditions. We can help you consult the paint manufacturers and get their best-advised type of paint for your area.


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