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How to Keep Your Business Open While the Premise is Getting Painted

Repainting your business premises can boost your trade. It makes the shop more inviting to potential customers as newly-painted walls look pleasing. Right colours can improve your product displays as well.

How to Keep Your Business Open While the Premise is Getting Painted

However, painting work can pose restrictions on the way your business operates. To some owners, closing the store while it’s getting painted is better to avoid the hassle.  But closing your premise until the painting work is done would cut sales. It will surely hurt your business whilst the repainting took longer.

But wait, did we mention we have a solution to such a problem?

Delux Painting offers a hassle-free repainting service for your business premises. We understand that you may want to continue your business operation while the premise is getting painted. That will be possible with these suggestions:

Do the painting in portions

Painting the whole business premise at once might require you to temporarily close your shop. So in order to continue running your business, you may want to consider doing the painting in portions.

In doing so, you will be able to operate in a portion of your business premise while the other part is getting painted. Just make sure that your customers are comfortable with the setup to avoid complaints.

You may also want to add an unoccupied space between the portion getting painted and the portion where your business runs. It will lessen the chance of customers’ distraction while the painting work is getting done.

Schedule painting work around your operation hours

In case of painting in portions won’t work, you may consider setting a schedule for painting work around your business operation hours. This will allow you to still operate while the painting work can be done after the operation hours.

Your premises should have sufficient windows and vents to make this possible. With few windows, the paint odour will be contained and will be quite disturbing to your staff and customers by the next operation hours.

Provide notices all over the premise

Keeping your business open while the premises are getting painted still poses some risks by what method you will use. In order to prevent such risks, posting notices around the shop will help. It will also show that you care for your customers’ safety. Getting your staff and customers informed of the risks from time to time will also reduce the chance of accidents.


It is fine to want to keep your business running despite the ongoing renovation. However, always see to it that your customers are comfortable and undistracted by the painting work while they are inside your shop.

We at Delux Painting have extensive experience in handling painting works in open businesses. We can guarantee you that our painters are trained to work in this kind of setup.

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