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How to Choose the Right Paint Sheen Level to Use for Your Home

A fresh paint job with the right sheen can surely spice up walls, but is it applicable to all the walls of a home?

Is it okay to use the same paint sheen level in both exterior and interior walls?

Or, do you need to use different paint sheen levels for different areas?


If you’re planning to repaint your home or it’s your first time to put some colours in it, then most likely, these are your questions too.

How to Choose the Right Paint Sheen Level to Use for Your Home


Choosing the right paint sheen level to use on the different parts of a home is important.


Why? Because different paint sheen levels have different effects, durability, and outcome. To ensure you’ll achieve the right colours and finishing, you need to determine the right level of paint sheen you’ll use in different areas of your home.


So, to spare you from getting overwhelmed by the big paint drums at your local paint store, refer to our guide on how to choose the right paint sheen level you should use.


How to choose the correct paint sheen level for your home


A paint’s sheen level is not just about the looks. But it can also affect how the paint will perform where you apply it. That’s why you need to know the right level to use for a certain area.


What is paint sheen level?


Paint sheen level is the level of shine the paint exhibits. It also determines the appearance and performance of the paint. Below are the different paint sheen levels and their recommended areas of application.

Flat or matte paint sheen level


Flat or matte paint sheen level has 1-9% of gloss percentage. It can help in concealing rough or dented surfaces as it only reflects little light. This makes it perfect for general walls and ceiling, especially those with surface imperfections.


Paints colours with a flat or matte sheen level look darker and muddied with less to no gloss at all. This has a micro rough texture that makes cleaning difficult as it can trap dirt. So, we highly recommend this to be used on areas with lesser tendencies of getting soiled, dirty, or frequently touched.


Low paint sheen level


A low paint sheen level means 10-25% of gloss percentage. It has a higher reflectivity compared to a flat paint sheen level. This is easy to clean and can easily conceal imperfections. This makes it the ideal sheen level for interior walls, especially for the:

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Playroom
  • Kitchen


It can also be applied outside on plaster finishes, timber, cladding, render and concrete.


Satin or semi gloss paint sheen level


Satin semi gloss paint sheen level consists of 20-30% of gloss percentage. It’s popularly used for roofing because it’s stain-resistant and can withstand abrasions. Its slight gloss property makes it easy to run water on it when cleaning. It can also be used on flooring, skirting, architraves and doors for a lesser sheen than gloss.


This paint sheen level’s low-reflectivity can help in hiding imperfection while still keeping the surface look alive. That’s why it’s also a perfect finish for your exterior wall’s sidings.


It is the ideal sheen level for:


  • Woodworks
  • Weatherboards
  • Exterior cement surfaces
  • Walls that are prone to wearing


It’s easier to clean and provides better stain-resistance compared to the previously discussed sheen levels.

Gloss paint sheen level


Gloss paint sheen level consists of 80% gloss percentage. It’s a high paint sheen level that can bring out a rich and deep paint colour to any surfaces it’s applied. Its high gloss percentage can also magnify any imperfection in the surface and make it look bigger.


This is ideal for the following:

  • Small spaces
  • Doors
  • Shutters
  • Walls
  • Frequently touched surfaces


This paint sheen level is resilient and dirt-repellent which makes cleaning super easy.


Our recommendation…


Keep this in mind when you’re choosing the right paint sheen level for your application:


“The shinier the sheen level is, the easier it is to clean, the more durable it’ll last, and the more resistant to moisture it’ll be.”


Choosing the wrong paint sheen level may result in an unintended look. Therefore, see to it that you analyse the surface you plan to apply it for before choosing and buying paints.


However, this will still depend on your preference, but we recommend you with the following:


For Interior

  • Ceilings: Flat/Matte paint sheen level
  • Ceilings in wet areas (e.g laundry, kitchen, bathroom): Low paint sheen level
  • Walls: Low paint sheen level
  • Doors, windows, skirting and architraves: High-gloss paint sheen level


For Exterior

  • Weatherboards, eaves, render: Low paint sheen level
  • Fibrous cement: Low paint sheen level
  • Masonry (e.g bricks): Low paint sheen level
  • Trim and door pergolas: Low paint sheen level and satin


To achieve the best results, let a professional painter in Queensland do it for you. We can help and guide you better in getting the most suitable paint for your home. We also have proper tools and equipment for painting large houses and offices.



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