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How Do You Prepare For Any Interior Painting Fixes

If you think waiting for your painter to arrive and come do the painting is all you need to do for your interior painting job to be completed, then you better think again. There are some things you need to prepare to ensure the entire project is done smoothly.

How Do You Prepare For Any Interior Painting Fixes


What are these things? We have listed some of them in this blog. Read on.


1. Gather and take away small things

Small items, such as decorative items and mementos, can easily get lost. Therefore, it’s best to store these small things away from the painter’s work area; so you can easily put it back once they finish.


2. Remove wall hangings and ornaments

The next set of things you should store are the wall hangings and ornaments. This includes the following:

  • Picture frames
  • Paintings
  • Clocks
  • Mirror
  • Candleholders
  • Other decorative wall art

It can be tempting to just pile and cover them in the corner or middle of the room. However, this can not fully protect them from drops and splashes of paint. So, it’s best to bubble wrap and store them in boxes or containers where they’re fully safe and covered. It’ll even be better if you’ll place these all in another room until the paint job is complete.


3. Relocate electronics and appliances

Aside from removing the small things, your wall hangings, and your decoratives; you should also relocate your electronics and appliances like the following:

  • Stove
  • Television
  • Refrigerator
  • Sound system
  • Gaming system

It is common for interior painting contractors to bring large drop cloths to cover electronics and appliances. This is in cases where the homeowner doesn’t have enough space where they can put their things. But this will not guarantee full protection. So if you have expensive items, it can still be damaged while the painting job is in progress. That’s why it’s better to move them to another location while the painting job is ongoing.


4. Cover and protect soft furnishings

You should also tidy up  your soft furnishing like:

  • Curtains
  • Drapes
  • Blinds
  • Mats
  • Rugs

You may roll the rugs and mats, or fold the curtains, drapes and blinds before covering them with plastic. Otherwise, put all of these in a room far from the painting job.


5. Clear away and cover the furniture

Now it’s time to clear away and cover your furniture. For large furniture such as the beds, suites, sofas, dining tables and chairs; it would be better to just move them to the centre of the room then cover them with a large piece of cloth. As for the lighter items like your light stand or coffee table, simply move these conveniently to another room.


6. Evacuate the area

After removing, packing, covering, and securing all the valuable things and furniture in the area to be fixed, it’s time for the family to completely vacate the place.

In case, the whole house’s interior painting is included in the paint job, then the family should spend time at a relative’s house; Or go on a mini-vacation until the paint job is completely done.

This helps avoid accidents from happening, such as the kids or pets accidentally knocking off the paint buckets. But most importantly, it will ensure none of your family members will be inhaling paint fumes that may trigger their allergies.


Final Thoughts

Any interior painting contractor will surely love when their clients prepare their home before they arrive. This is typically discussed prior to the actual job order. So ensure you discuss this with them, especially if you don’t have the time to clear your items.

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