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7 Ways A Newly-Painted Exterior Makes The House Sell Better

Selling a property isn’t a piece of cake. With the tight competition in the market, your house must have some kind of edge for it to sell. But don’t worry because repainting your exterior can actually do the trick.

Why you should consider a house exterior repaint?

Real estate agents confirmed that houses with newly-painted exterior sell faster. It isn’t surprising really. If several pictures of properties were presented to you, a newly-painted house will draw your attention among the choices.

7 Ways A Newly-Painted Exterior Makes The House Sell Better

So if you are planning to sell your property, you may want the exterior painted before the marketing phase. Here we listed some other ways a newly-painted exterior can make your house sell better.

#1 Newly-painted house looks newly-built

We call it a trick because it is actually a trick. Repainting your house’s exterior makes the property seem newly-built. This gives it a fresh exterior colour which hides away the actual age of the property. It also allows you to offer your asking price a little higher than what it should be for an old house.

#2 Fresh colour makes your house stand out

As mentioned earlier, there is a high chance that buyers will notice a newly-painted house among the properties presented to them. If placed among other houses with faded exterior paint, your newly-painted property will stand out.

Even when a potential buyer is just passing by your neighbourhood, he will notice a freshly painted property faster. And what will happen if that property is for sale at the very moment? You’ll get yourself possibly an instant buyer.

#3 The exterior speaks for the house maintenance

When a buyer looks for your property, the exterior will always be the first thing he’ll see. A faded exterior with some chipping paint may be an instant turn off. It goes to show that the property is not well taken care of. Buying such may present more inconveniences sooner. So why would they choose your house? They probably wouldn’t.

But it will be a different story if they see that your property’s exterior has good paintwork. It will radiate both good maintenance and well-maintained home. This makes it sell faster.

#4 It suggests good pest control

No one would be interested to buy a property infested by mites, moulds and mildews. But painting your exterior can solve that problem. Regular repainting of your exterior will prevent pests from breeding on the walls and in wood materials. This can encourage rot caused by the weather. For an experienced buyer, a property that is regularly repainted sounds like a good investment.

#5 Your personal choice of colour may not sell

Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate your personal preference of house colour. However, in selling a property, you better pick a generally preferred shade. You can’t go wrong with a neutral shade, it is the go-to colour for exteriors, simple but elegant.

#6 Color psychology actually works

Studies show that the exterior colour of the house has a significant impact on how the buyers perceive it. A subtle shade of yellow makes the property sell better. Another study proved that painting your door black makes the house more attractive as well.

#7 You reap what you sow

Doing additional renovation work for your property will convince more buyers to consider your offer. You can even increase your selling price for this reason. Think of investing in repainting your house’s exterior as an edge. It wouldn’t cost you much but will return more of your investment when the property is sold.


Doing a little makeover on your property can help a lot in acing the market competition.  As there are several properties to choose from, buyers will need a good reason why they should consider your property. Therefore, refurbishing your house can definitely help you find a buyer with a good price to offer.

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