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5 Ways Repainting Makes a Big Difference

Delux Painting has been adding colours to Queensland’s homes and commercial spaces for nearly 2 decades. The last 19 years in the industry have taught us many things. This includes choosing the colour that would work on your property, and the difference between “restoring” and “revamping.” So for today, we will share with you an important thing we learned as local painters: how repainting makes a big difference.

5 Ways Repainting Makes a Big Difference

There is a difference between painting a newly-built house and changing kitchen colour schemes to restoring old surfaces using paint. For instance, when painting a new home, we tend to make it as refreshing as possible. Our goal is to establish cosiness using colours to help the new homeowners feel at home with their new house. But when we speak of restoration, then we try to match the original colour of the projects. This is to bring a sense of nostalgia to the client upon seeing the completed project.

To understand more of what we are trying to share with you, here are some of the past projects showing how repainting does make a big difference.

Repainting Façade

Some of our clients wished their houses’ or commercial properties’ exterior to have a new colour. Aside from hiding the stains and weathering, they want a fresh new look for their façade. In this case, we try to suggest the best colour scheme for the perfect transformation.

Repainting Façade Before and After 01Image Source


Trends on colour schemes are ever-changing, what looks good this year may be out of style 5 years later. Therefore, when our clients wish for a revamp that will fit the present trend, we suggest the right colours.

Other clients, on the other hand, just want their walls to be rid of weathering and dust. They want the colour scheme to stay as it is. We all have our preferences, and sometimes, even a wall colour holds significant meaning to us. Thus, we try our best to restore the old glory of a façade.

Repainting Façade Before and After 02Image Source


Refurbishing Woodwork

They say that woods are like wine, the more they age, the higher their value. However, wood requires a good amount of maintenance for it to last a long time. Wood tends to decay and rot, or simply lose their vibrancy as years pass.

Refurbishing Woodwork Before and After

Image Source



You couldn’t even tell the original colour of these fences before repainting, right? See how the blue paint suits the wooden fence. They look as if they were recently installed.

Fences Before and AfterImage Source


Decking boards will inevitably lose their vibrant colour even with regular maintenance. Look at how transformed this dull decking into a good wood grain colour again.

Flooring Before and AfterImage Source


Did we mention we also repaint furniture?

Here is an old wooden chair that would have looked nice in its early years. To let our client relive the unfading beautiful memories, we restored this chair to its former beauty.

Furniture Before and AfterImage Source


Here at Delux Painting, we understand the reasons behind your painting projects. We do not just apply paint on surfaces; rather we paint to relive memories, inspire creativity and productivity, and most of all, restore the beauty which time had withered.