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5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Painter in Queensland

Getting your house painted comes with many advantages. It makes an old property look new and adds the final touches to a newly-built home. It can lighten up or darken a room to your liking, which adds character to your property.

5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Painter in Queensland

Given this high importance, you should ensure the painter you hire in Queensland will get the job done perfectly. To help you with this, we have listed some of the things you should consider before hiring a painter for your property. Starting off with the most important…

#1 Do they have a license?

When hiring a tradesman to work on your home improvement, you may want to ensure they are qualified. Your home is an investment and your long time dwelling place after all.

Painters in Queensland should have an occupational license. A qualified and reliable painter must present this to show they have passed the standard assessment required for their job.

However, a solo painter wouldn’t be able to finish the work fast. So it is advised to hire the service of a painting company instead, which in turn should have a contractor’s license.

This license is not merely for qualification purposes, rather it gives them the right to:

  • Comply to work safety standards
  • Public liability insurance
  • Continuous learning
  • Queensland Building and Construction Commission licence
  • Constructions Site Safety Induction cards
  • Personal Accident Insurance

In regards to your particular situation we regularly have police checks and working safely with children and aged care cards.

With that, you will be secured that the contractor you’ll hire knows and accepts his responsibilities aside from having the skills.


#2 Experience

Nothing beats experience, especially in choosing the right painter to work on your house improvement. Though painting seems to be a DIY project to some, there’s this undeniable distinction when a pro handles the job.

Delux painting has been in business for more than a decade. We have handled several painting projects and learned a great deal from them. See the various services page here.

#3 Additional benefits

A good deal comes with additional benefits. So if you will hire a painter for your own home, the benefits they offer should always count.

Do they have a service guarantee?

Do they present you with insurance for any damages to the property?

Those questions must be asked so you’ll get the most of what you’ll pay for.

#4 Referrals and Feedback

Another thing to consider in hiring a house painter is the clients’ feedback. Where else can you get an honest review of a company more than their clients?

Ask your friend or relatives for referrals. See which contractor they trust with their house painting needs. It works as well with reviews, try to browse for your potential contractor’s website and see what their previous clients say.

Here in Delux Painting, we see to it that our clients would speak for the quality of the services we offer. Should you wish to check what our clients say about working with us? See their testimonials here.


#5 Check if they give a reasonable price

You can easily do this by getting 2-3 quotes from different painters. Most painters offer a free quote so getting one wouldn’t be difficult.

Upon comparing the price they give for their services, you’ll be able to get a hint on which offers the best and most affordable price.

However, note that price varies depending on the type of service you want to be done. You may want to discuss this matter with your prospect painter ahead so you’ll get a more accurate quote.


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