Wattyl Solagard


Wattyl Solagard Total Protection Technology is the combination of a number of key formulation facets that together make Solagard.Solagard

The Solagard Total Protection Technology will provide painted surfaces with maximum protection in any weather or climate and will keep the surface looking better for longer.

It’s Tried and Trusted!


Blocks out harmful UV rays preventing them from penetrating and damaging the surface.

Long term flexibility ensures the paint stretches and flexes with the extremes of climate to provide lasting protecttion against cracking and peeling.

Uses the power of the sun to form a protective layer making the paint surface tougher, reducing dirt adhesion, and keeping the surface cleaner for longer.

Solagard resists blistering and surface damage by restricting penetration of water into the surface whilst allowing water vapour to pass through from the building material into the air.

No primer needed on timber, cement render, brick, fibre cement, masonry, Zincalume® and galvanised iron sheet for faster and simpler painting.

Contains powerful anti-mould ingredients to resist the growth of mould and fungus and protect the surface.

Interior painting can be an inexpensive and effortless way to update the style of your home as well as add immediate value.
Our painters take pride in their work and focus on what is most important; customer satisfaction. We provide this from the very first contact in the course of our detailed consultation, colour advice and professional workmanship.

Particular focus is placed on protecting your furniture and flooring whilst painting, as well as a thorough clean up after each day’s work to minimise disruption to your household.

Our residential painters will consult with you on paint types, colour selection, timeframes and costs to integrate your needs into a direct and affordable solution.

There’s plenty of new ideas in building and display villages, DIY television shows and home magazines. Look around your existing environment, what are the colours that surround you, what are the colours you like?

Colour selection is a personal choice and should be fun. We can help you create the look you want or alternatively we can just follow your recommendations – our colour advice is free as part of our service.