Choosing a Professional Painter

Painting is something that will change the entire finish of a renovation or can be used to add a little life to a somewhat tired feeling home.

Allot of people like to save a little bit of money anywhere they can by choosing to ‘DIY’ allot of aspects of renovating and maintenance work on their homes including the Painting work. Besides, they make it look easy on TV right? The question I always seem to be asking is why would you pay to get a quality finish building work or plastering, when the actual finish of the job may be compromised? I am not saying that the average person can’t finish a job and make it look lovely, I’m also not saying that the people who do it on TV on shows like ‘The Block’ and ‘House Rules’ don’t achieve quality finishes, but it’s the time (including the time invested in learning the trade which is generally 4+years) and expertise that goes into everything from preparation work to the end result that gets the best quality finish when completed by a professional painter. And lets admit it, for the time it actually takes to complete a job, I’m not sure which is worth more; your spare time (which would be taken up by painting) and energy, or the amount it costs just to get a professional in? Often people don’t realise that it may not be as much as what they think, so before ever attempting something yourself, and investing in everything that goes with it (which is sometimes just as much by the time you buy all the tools and supplies plus the hire of any equipment that may be needed eg. extension ladders and tressles) always get at least a couple of quotes just to find out.

If you do decide to get someone in, it can be a hard job to try to choose the right Professional Painter to complete your job. Why not ask someone if they have a recommendation because this is usually who we trust the most- our friends and family. Nothing beats a good recommendation from someone else who has already experienced the ins and outs of the job. If you dont know anyone who has recently had the job done, then the next best thing is to read the reviews of others who have had the experience.

If you do decide to complete the job yourself, then always remember that the most important part of any job is safety first. Look at the site and make sure you are well aware of any hazards and never attempt to work at a height if you dont have have the correct safety equipment. Next, make sure you spend the most amount of time and effort on your preparation work, and you can be assured that you will achieve the best result. Don’t be afraid to ask for professional advise when it comes to using specific undercoat paints and finish coat paints for your particular needs, as this can make all the difference!