Bathroom Painter

Bathroom Painter


Adding a fresh coat of paint to your bathroom can really brighten up its overall appearance. Regardless of what other decorating plans you have for your bathroom, starting out by painting is always a good approach.

Your bathroom has the perfect conditions of dampness, darkness and poor ventilation for mould to thrive.

The most important thing when painting wet areas in your home is good preparation, and the use of the correct products and materials.

In serious cases like this, the ceiling and or walls need to be washed and scrubbed thoroughly with a chlorine mixture to kill the mould and remove most of the ‘fuzz’ or mould spores. This process may remove some of the paint in which case the existing paint will need to be scraped back and sanded to create a smooth finish.

The application of a zinsser oil based undercoat product is important in the prevention of the stains from appearing through the fresh paint job,and the continuation of more mould growing, a low sheen or semi gloss paint with anti fungus added into the paint will also help to prevent the mould and stains returning.

Mould associated with damp buildings can cause nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, wheeze, respiratory infections and allergic conditions.

Toxic mould produces mycotoxins that can produce serious health risks.

Bathroom painter

So why not protect your walls, ceilings and most impotantly, your health of mould and unsightly water stains by applying an anti fungus paint; preventing the mould and stains returning.

The earlier you remove the mould from walls, windows and ceilings, the easier it is to keep it under control. It is much harder to remove mould once it takes hold and when you take a hot bath or shower, run the exhaust fan to prevent build up of moisture on the ceiling and walls. Also open the bathroom windows afterwards to allow the moisture to escape.


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